Kioti CS2610

Compact Tractor

The Kioti CS2610 is easy to operate, rugged and powerful – a combination of the all the very best elements for a tractor! Built with a 26HP optimised combustion diesel engine, the Kioti CS2610 tractor produces a large power output yet low fuel consumption. All standard models are also equipped with 4WD which is engaged with a single lever.


Safety has not been forgotten with this model either, as the CS2610 comes with a foldable ROPS protecting the operator if ever a roll should occur but also making it quick and easy to pass under low clearance trees and shrubbery.
A vertical opening hood also makes the operators life so much easier. Operators have easy access to the air filter, fluid service and inspection locations fuse box and electrical components.


This tractor also features an ergonomic operator station which places the controls within easy reach reducing operator fatigue. This is also complimented by power steering, minimising the effort required to make tight and repetitive turns.


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NameTypePower (HP)Rated Speed (RPM)Engine Fuel CapacityTransmission TypeMax Speed ForwardNumber of Gears ForwardNumber of Gears ReverseLengthHeightTyne Options
Kioti CS2610Daedong S773L26.003000RPM25.5LHydrostatic 16.6km/hInfinite, 2 rangeInfinite, 2 range2493mm2235mmTurf