New Holland T6 Auto Command

Agriculture Tractor

Whether you use your tractor for transport, cultivation, or yard and livestock operations – the New Holland T6 Auto Command Tractor range has you covered. With seven new models, a mix of four cylinder and 6 cylinder configurations, owners can decide on a model that best suits their requirements.


The New Holland T6 range has an endless lists of productivity enhancing features including front loader, front linkage, low and standard profile cabs and a semi-powershift Electro Command™ transmission. These tractors offer impressive power to weight ratio of 28.6kg/hp and get the job done without a hitch.


The T6 Auto Command tractor range is also equipped with ECOBlue™ SCR Technology for Tier 4A compliance meaning the operating costs are less than competitor models. Owners will slash their fuel bill by 10% and have the benefit of long 600 hour service intervals.


The cab has been designed for day-long comfort offering exceptionally low noise levels and maintains a smooth ride thanks to the Comfort Ride™ Cab suspension and Terraglide™ front axle suspension.


Available at our Ballarat branch, Ballarat Tractors.


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NameTypePower (HP)Rated Speed (RPM)Engine Fuel CapacityTransmission TypeMax Speed ForwardNumber of Gears ForwardNumber of Gears ReverseLengthWidthHeight
New Holland T6.120FPT Nef121.002200RPM175LDual Command Transmission40km/h24244882mm2280mm2900mm
New Holland T6.140FPT Nef143.002200RPM175LDual Command Transmission40km/h24244882mm2280mm2900mm
New Holland T6.150FPT Nef154.002200RPM175LDual Command Transmission40km/h24244882mm2280mm2900mm
New Holland T6.160FPT Nef163.002200RPM175LDual Command Transmission40km/h24244882mm2280mm2975mm
New Holland T6.155FPT Nef154.002200RPM227LDual Command Transmission40km/h24245122mm2280mm2925mm
New Holland T6.165FPT Nef165.002200RPM227LDual Command Transmission40km/h24245122mm2280mm2925mm
New Holland T6.175FPT Nef175.002200RPM227LDual Command Transmission40km/h24245122mm2314mm2975mm