New Holland T7 Classic & Sidewinder

Agriculture Tractor

Voted Tractor of the year in 2008 and 2010 and then the Golden Tractor for the design award from 2008 to 2011 – New Holland are leading the industry in tractor design producing more power, productivity, durability and comfort.


The New Holland T7 Classic and Sidewinder II models are leading the pack with this innovative new design that offers 19hp more power and 139Nm of torque over the existing T7000 range. Covering rated powers from 125HP to 228HP, the nine model T7 Classic and Sidewinder II tractor range can be fitted with a choice of full-powershift, semi-powershift or constant variable transmission (CVT). All models can also be fitted with a New Holland loader and an option of a fully integrated front linkage and PTO.


The T7 have been designed to make operation easy for the operator, on the Sidewinder II models the armrest ensure the tractor is less tiring to use over extended periods of time. The optional Horizon™ cab also offers outstanding low noise levels and great all round visibility of the job site at hand.


Owners will enjoy the low operating costs thanks to ECOBlue™ SCR emission reduction technology. Matched with the advanced Auto Command™ transmission, this tractor cuts fuel use and costs of up to 10%.


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NameTypePower (HP)Rated Speed (RPM)Engine Fuel CapacityTransmission TypeMax Speed ForwardNumber of Gears ForwardNumber of Gears ReverseLengthWidthHeight
New Holland T7.170 Classic & Sidewinder IIFPT NEF171.002200RPM330LRange Command Transmission40km/h1865347mm2446mm3040mm-3140mm
New Holland T7.185 Classic & Sidewinder IIFPT NEF188.002200RPM330LRange Command Transmission40km/h1865347mm2446mm3040mm-3140mm
New Holland T7.200 Classic & Sidewinder IIFPT NEF203.002200RPM330LRange Command Transmission40km/h1865347mm2446mm3040mm-3140mm
New Holland T7.210 Classic & Sidewinder IIFPT NEF212.002200RPM330LRange Command Transmission40km/h1865347mm2446mm3040mm-3140mm
New Holland T7.220 Sidewinder IIFPT NEF218.002200RPM395LPower Command™ or Auto Command™40km/h1865773mm2470mm3065mm – 3165mm
New Holland T7.235 Sidewinder IIFPT NEF234.002200RPM395LPower Command™ or Auto Command™ 40km/h1865773mm2470mm3065mm – 3165mm
New Holland T7.250 Sidewinder IIFPT NEF250.002200RPM395LPower Command™ or Auto Command™ 40km/h1865773mm2470mm3065mm – 3165mm
New Holland T7.260 Sidewinder IIFPT NEF260.002200RPM395LPower Command™ or Auto Command™ 40km/h1865773mm2470mm3065mm – 3165mm
New Holland T7.270 Sidewinder IIFPT NEF269.002200RPM395LPower Command™ or Auto Command™ 40km/h1865773mm2470mm3065mm – 3165mm