New Holland T4000

Agriculture Tractor

The New Holland T4000 Tractor range have been designed and built to satisfy a huge range of operator demands. It begins with a choice of 65, 78, 86 and 97HP III compliant four-cylinder power. The operator can then select between a ROPS and Deluxe cab tractor with 4WD and tight turning SuperSteer™ driven front axles available on the deluxe cab model.


The New Holland T4000 Tractor range also has several transmission to choose from; the 16x16 Powershuttle transmission and the 32x16 Dual Command™ transmission with a choice of 30 or 40kph transport speeds.
These models also have creeper option available for those operators needing a minimum speed below 0.7kph. The creep mode can go as low as 0.2kph.


Complete with a blue sealed cab with air conditioning and carbon filtration and factory fit front linkage and PTO that extends make this a perfect small for almost everyone! The dimensions are compact, it is lightweight but still powerful. Call for a quote on a New Holland T4000 Tractor model today!


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NameTypePower (HP)Rated Speed (RPM)Engine Fuel CapacityTransmission TypeMax Speed ForwardNumber of Gears ForwardNumber of Gears ReverseLengthWidthHeight
New Holland T4020FPT F5C65.002300RPM75LPowershuttle (other options available)40km/h16163493mm1545 – 1945mm 2332mm
New Holland T4030FPT F5C78.002300RPM75LPowershuttle (other options available)40km/h16163493mm1545 – 1945mm 2332mm
New Holland T4040FPT F5C86.002300RPM75LPowershuttle (other options available)40km/h16163580mm1545 – 1945mm 2332mm
New Holland T4050FPT F5C97.002300RPM75LPowershuttle (other options available)40km/h16163580mm1545 – 1945mm 2332mm