New Holland T6000 LS│Plus│Elite Series

Agriculture Tractor

New Holland understands that no two farms are alike, and therefore you need a tractor to suit your individual needs. With the T6000 range, you’ll find your perfect machine suited to your specific needs. The 15 models of the New Holland T6000 LS, Plus and Elite range offer the best combination of power, performance and economy of any tractor in the 101 to 141HP division.


Powered by an advanced FPT NEF turbocharged, two valves, four cylinder, Tier III engine, operators can expect exceptional fuel economy. In the Elite model, operators will also enjoy the extra engine power for demanding transport and PTO applications.


This tractor range also features an industry leading cab with high levels of comfort, low noise and increased visibility. New Holland are also setting the benchmark with ergonomic controls – every control is at your fingertips reducing fatigue and increasing operator productivity. Together with cab suspension and a wide variety of seat options, New Holland has taken operator comfort to a whole new level.


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NameTypePower (HP)Rated Speed (RPM)Engine Fuel CapacityTransmission TypeMax Speed ForwardNumber of Gears ForwardNumber of Gears ReverseLengthWidthHeight
New Holland T6010 LS│Plus FPT NEF Turbocharged101.002200RPM176LActive Electro Command™40km/h16164145mm2280mm2780mm
New Holland T6020 LS│Plus│EliteFPT NEF Turbocharged112.002200RPM176LActive Electro Command™40km/h16164145mm2780mm2280mm
New Holland T6030 LS│Plus│EliteFPT NEF Turbocharged117.002200RPM250LActive Electro Command™40km/h16164385mm2280mm2780mm
New Holland T6040 EliteFPT NEF Turbocharged122.002200RPM176LActive Electro Command™40km/h16164145mm2280mm2780mm
New Holland T6050 LS│Plus│EliteFPT NEF Turbocharged127.002200RPM250LActive Electro Command™40km/h16164385mm2280mm2780mm
New Holland T6070 LS│Plus│EliteFPT NEF Turbocharged141.002200RPM250LActive Electro Command™40km/h16164385mm2280mm2780mm