Track Loader

The ASV RT50 positrack loader is a very economical machine when worked in different applications. The balance and versatility is second to none with easy to use functionality. With the optimal tipping load the RT50 allows you to dig, carry and load more than other track loader machines in its class. This diesel 50hp positrack gives you ample power when needed. You will have the choice between the standard 5-inch wide tracks, smooth turf tracks or the 6.5 inch wide extreme terrain tracks with aggressive treads. Unlike other brands which simply replace the wheels for tracks, ASV's Track Loader is exclusively designed from the ground up - this makes them the only dedicated track loader on the market today

The ASV Drive system with gearbox drive & duo cone sealed rollers, allows minimal maintenance & yet delivers you increased productivity. The track loader also features the ASV patented Posi-Track™ suspended undercarriage technology, supported by an even 50/50 weight distribution. As a result of this technology, the machine’s operating weight of 2,957 kgs, is distributed down to only 3.7psi of ground pressure, producing incredible traction and low ground disturbance. Higher flotation and better operating comfort is provided with the ASV 305mm ground clearance on the undercarriage. The undercarriage clearance eliminates excess build-up of material in & behind the tracks, unlike on other machines.


Key specifications for the ASV RT50 Positrack machine 

2957kg operating weight 

3.7psi ground pressure 

2072kg tipping load 

13 kph travel speed 


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NameMakeModelPower (HP)Max SpeedWidthOperating WeightOperational Fuel CapacityOperating Capacity at 50% Tipping LoadTipping Load
ASV RT50 Main SpecificationsPerkins404D-2250.001302957.0051.910362072