Fuel Consumption Could be the Reason Your Business isn’t Moving Forward

So many excavator owners and operators overlook the importance of excavator fuel consumption when deciding which brand excavator to purchase, yet the fuel consumption could be the sole reason your business isn’t doing as well as it could.

The price of fuel is reaching $2.00 per litre or more for onsite refueling and the more fuel your excavator burns directly effects your business’s profit potential. But consider a Kobelco excavator and you may not have that profit loss factor.

The Kobelco SK200-8 saves 4.4 litres of fuel every hour of operation compared to it’s predecessor, the Kobelco SK200-6 excavator, equalling a savings of 8,800 litres and approx $17,600 over the course of a year. With the latest release of the -10 Excavator range we are now seeing further efficiency gains of up to 17% over the – 8 Range adding even more profit to your bottom line. I bet you can think of better ways to spend that fuel savings.. paying back the machine faster or putting those savings towards your next machine purchase which you could afford a lot sooner.

So, how does Kobelco save you fuel?

The engine features next generation electronic over hydraulic system control, coupled with a common-rail Fuel injection system, the new hydraulic system cuts energy loss to a bare minimum causing a big boost in fuel economy.

And don’t be thinking, less fuel consumption means the machine under performs in power. With the fuel consumption reduction, the machines productivity increased by 8% in the – 8 range and another 5% in the generation 10 range giving operators even more digging force.

How? Kobelco is able to increase machine operating speed and cycle times through the use of a common-rail diesel type engine which is now a common technology in the industry. However Kobelco maximise performance of these systems with the integration of their Mechartro controller and class leading hydraulic components providing the operator maximum power and response when required.

Kobelco’s telematics system also lends a hand in keeping track of your fuel consumption and machine working modes via their state of the art GeoScan software equipped in all models from 13.5 tonne and above.

So next time you’re considering purchasing a new excavator that isn’t a Kobelco, don’t forget to add an extra $17,000 to your buy price!