Kobelco ED160 Blade Runner


The Kobeco ED160 Blade Runner is a heavy duty excavator and dozer combined. Built for long life and reliability it has an operating weight of 15,700kg and a rugged, oversized undercarriage for excellent durability. The curved track pads ensure the operator has optimal traction and higher floatation.  


Unlike most excavators, the ED160 comes complete with a six way power tilt blade with tilt, float, lift and angle options. This piece of equipment can also accommodate a wide variety of attachments including hammers for demolition, compacting equipment and augers, quick couplers and tilt buckets.


It also has an extremely short radius ideal for working on sites with obstacles. On work sites with trees, fences, walls, utility poles and buildings a conventional machine might be limited in what it can do but the ED160 Blade Runner excels.


The ED160 is the perfect buy for an owner looking to complete a wider variety of jobs with a smaller investment in the actual equipment and personnel. 


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NameMakeModelPower (HP)Engine Fuel CapacityWidthMaximum Loading HeightOperating WeightMaximum Dig DepthMaximum Dig Depth on Vertical WallBoom Options
Kobelco ED160 Blade RunnerMitsubishiD04EG-TAA92.00200L2490mm6900mm15700.005360mm4730mmMono Boom