Kobelco SK135SRD Recycling


The Kobelco SK135SRD recycling excavator is a high quality machine with an energy efficient and smooth operation design. It has an operating weight of 19,600kg and tail swing radius of just 1600mm ideal for working in smaller environments.


This model is built with a multi-dismantling nibbler that has been shaped for fine, precise sorting of complex products. As a result, the Kobelco K135SRD has approximately four times the dismantling capacity compared with hand dismantling of passenger cars.


The teeth tips on the dismantler have been designed to accurately grab and remove small parts and pieces making it ideal for dismantling engines.


NameMakeModelPower (HP)Engine Fuel CapacityWidthMaximum Loading HeightOperating WeightMaximum Dig DepthMaximum Dig Depth on Vertical WallBoom Options
Kobelco SK135SRDMitsubishiDD4EG93.00200L2710mmN/A19600.00N/A7400mmMono with dismantling nibbler