Kobelco SK260LC Generation 10


Kobelco SK260LC are the next excavators in our Generation 10 product line, the most innovative, productive, durable and earth-friendly construction equipment in the industry. In the 25-30 tonne weight range, this model comes in at 25,700kg with 600mm shoes. It also has a 7000mm dig depth.


The Kobelco SK260LC-10 excavator is ahead of the times designed with a focus on operator efficiency. In this model there has been a large focus on improving hydraulic efficiency. The SKK260LC-10 is also more fuel efficient than previous models with 17% less fuel used in H-mode, 14% in S-mode and 23% in ECO mode. 


This model also features piping for a quick hitch as standard and comes with Geoscan, Kobelco's excavator remote monitoring system capable of tracking everything from fuel levels, location and maintenance schedule.


The Kobelco SK260LC Generation 10 excavator comes with a 2 year/3000 hour full factory warranty and 4 year/6000 hours EPT warranty.


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NameMakeModelPower (HP)Engine Fuel CapacityWidthMaximum Loading HeightOperating WeightMaximum Dig DepthMaximum Dig Depth on Vertical WallBoom Options
Kobelco SK210LC-10HinoJ05ETB-KSSF183.00403L2990mm6880mm25700.007000mm6150mmMono Boom